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ouch eh?

tedzo.....sorry to hear about your mishap, bummer as we use to say as kids.....i'm having total knee replacement on both knees.....i have been out of work since jan. waiting rather than waitering.....i could hardly walk after the holidaze.....i'm so broke!.....i hope to get S.S. Disability, but nothing yet, it takes forever.....i'm good till june then i go belly-up, i will be tapped out so keep your FINGERS crossed if you can still do this.....as a kid i was put in charge watching a 50 gal. drum of burning stuff, this began to fall over and i stopped it with my fingers, needless to say, bad move.....i go running into the house and my dad sez "hold your hands over the fiire on the stove".....what a clown he was!.....:).....no at all like all of the HERR DOCTOR LOOPS that sent you their get better formulas.....what a caring bunch o people we seem to be, no?.....got to pack and get ready for my ride down south.....can't wait to go to SHAVANNA (sp?), kool city!.....ahhhh the ocean, touches this old salts heart.....fun, until my bro takes my guitar away, he'll have to pull it from my dead fingers i tell ya!.....still go to BOISE is my recomendation and enjoy the company, maphaps you can still sing and dance or just play foot!.....:)m