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more tuba loopage example/sample

More work today on the as-yet-unnamed tuba+fx session (he plays 
tuba, I live-sample/loop/process the loops) project that I thought I'd 


All audio recorded through tuba, including the scat-like vocal bits. Still 
clipping in places, but the use of the Rolls Buzz-Off as the last line of 
defense pre-recording cleans up the recording in comparison to last 
session. No editing or overdubs other than trimming off about ten seconds 
of silence at the beginning and end of each loop.

Gear babble:

We tried something new with recording the clean tuba direct.

New rig:
a) Mic thrown down bell of tuba into top of effects chain (long, 
previously mentioned , will spare you the repetition). Signal chain 
outputs to mixer (panned L).
b) Room mic aimed at tuba bell into volume pedal, then into Z-Vex SHO (it 
was a little quiet, wanted the signal boost), then into mixer (panned R).
Doing this allows him to fade in the clean tuba signal once I get caught 
up in manipulating the captured samples with the effects and loopers.
c) RCA tape out stereo jacks run to Rolls Buzz-Off hum reducer.
d) Rolls RCA stereo out to stereo RCA input of Gemini iKey.

After that it's: disconnect 1GB flashdrive from iKey, attach to Powerbook, 
trim aforementioned ten seconds of silence off using QuickTime Pro, drop 
wav file into iTunes, convert to mp3, upload to server, write email :).

Oh, and for the more than one person who mentioned Tom Heasley in response 
to my last post: I have kept my word, bought and enjoyed all three of 
Tom's albums since then. Thank you all for suggesting I listen to his 

Steve B
Subscape Annex