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yo yo yo eh?

yo kiddies.....i'm off to hilton head (actually bluffton) tamari for about a week.....my bro is putting me on his tab seeing that i am an unemployed degenerate american looper.....anything going on in that neck of de woods this next week?.....i'm taking my rang, guitar, 2 inekos and a small amp, should drive my bro nutz after the first day!.....i always believed in biteing the hand that feeds me, they never give me enuf to eat so.....:).....i will be out of internet communication till i get back but the phone # i'll be at will be 724-766-1486.....so if anything is happening give me a buzz or let's just get together and drink buckets-o-gin.....:)michael the klobuchar
P.S. i never got TED's original post as to his mishap.....TEDZO what the heck did you do? where you playing too fast again, i warned you about that you mad man!.....hope all is well, get better real soon xoxo!