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Re: airplane baggage

Erm, re-reading that, it probably comes off a bit bitchier than I 
intended.  I'm just now coming in after a night of geisha and sake, 
so that's probably altering my delivery.  Sorry....


At 1:30 AM +0900 4/24/06, mech wrote:
>At 1:41 AM +0100 4/23/06, Stephen Goodman wrote:
>>In this case I would say the safety aspect was there before someone 
>>decided to make more money than they used to for excess weight.
>It sounds like you're assuming that no-one on the list actually 
>flies enough to notice a difference.  And, if we do, that this 
>"safety concern" is only recently a safety concern and nobody ever 
>thought about how to balance luggage prior to a month ago.  Um, 
>Speaking personally, I'd say I've spent the majority of my working 
>time for this millennium living on a damn plane (gack!).  Before I 
>cashed out all my stock options and "retired" in mid-2005, I'd 
>already made both Gold on American and 100k on United, amongst 
>others.  Those two alone are worth ~125,000 miles in the air, from 
>only January to May 2005.
>I've flown a lot (oh, BTW, did I mention I'm writing this from Kyoto 
>right now, and my home airport is O'hare?).  I can tell you that 
>there was never such a big "safety concern" to the US domestic 
>carriers in at least six years prior to March of this year.  Now, 
>it's changing.  Whether the carriers have found a sudden new 
>interest in safety, or whether they're merely looking for another 
>spiff to offset rising fuel prices, I dunno.  I know which 
>explanation I'm leaning toward, but you can draw your own 
>       --m.
>"I want to reach my hand into the dark and *feel* what reaches back..."