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Re: Repeater Bump

Oh.. MIDI... WTF?

Have you used any device that can synch to MIDI without a glitch at 
the loop boundry? This would require some crosfading that may result 
in some undesireable artifact of it's own. The repeater does 
crosfade, hence your bubble.

>It's really hard to hear, but there's a tiny volume
>thing going on during the start of the loop.  Do you
>sync to MIDI?  That may be when it happens.  (I mostly
>do) I never noticed it until I was told it was there
>and then I had to really listen to a very soft sine
>wave drone to pick it out.  In the normal course of
>making music I never hear it.  Not nearly as bad as
>when a JamMan was synced to a jittery midi clock and
>you got a fairly pronounced "click."
>--- Charles Zwicky <cazwicky@earthlink.net> wrote:
>>  Nary a glitch on any of the 4 repeaters I have
>>  used....
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>>  ...
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