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Re: Looperlative: First impressions...

Thanks!  Can you tell I used to write pop songs?  ALL

I highly suggest getting one.  More fun than a
barrelful of monkeys.  Acutally, the last barrelful of
monkeys I ran into was a great disappointment. 
Perhaps I had the lid on too tight.

The ability to do 8 stereo loops of different lenghts
is worth the price of admission.  It's MIDI learn
function is brilliant.  The few bugs that were in v1
of the software were handled with amazing speed and
consideration.  Does Bob sleep?  IS HE A MACHINE?  He
seems hell bent on revising and adding to the
functionality too.  I wonder what amazing thing this
box will one day become...

--- Douglas Baldwin <coyotelk@optonline.net> wrote:

> One of the best descriptions I've read in ages...
> >It's like a present
> > coming in the mail on the birthday of the loop. 
> Here
> > it is!  You played this a while ago!
> Mark, you've got me lusting for a Looperlative!
> dB

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