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Re: Line 6 Toneport UX2 vs. RME vs. M-Audio Audiophile

I've got Fostex PS-3 powered monitors and Sennheiser HD-280
headphones. They sound alright to me, but I haven't been spoiled by
the top flight studio equipment. I'm not sure about "amp-guitar
interaction" other than feedback which I'm able to produce at
reasonable volume levels. I find I still like my GreenMachine amp
simulation software better for some of the more out-there high-gain
sounds, so I'll turn the amp and cabinet models off, and just use the
toneport as a preamp-interface. I'm not really looking for classic
guitar sounds, so I like the full range monitor speakers better than
an amp.

Interestingly, I guess there is more to latency than buffer size. I
don't usually use ableton live, but I fired it up yesterday, and it
gives a latency in ms. Even with a buffer size of 128Mb on the
toneport, it was showing 10ms latency. So I guess I'm not getting
smaller latencies with the toneport than with my RME PCI soundcard,
even though the buffer size on the RME is larger. This is over my
head. Maybe someone can explain it to me?

Art Simon