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Re: Line 6 Toneport UX2 vs. RME vs. M-Audio Audiophile

I love my Mackie 824s, but I've noticed a driect link
to how much I feel I "clicked" in the studio and how
loud I was running the monitors. :)  I hate to say it
but a little volume helps so much.  Puny monitors will
not work.  I don't really crank it, but it's nice to
be able to run them loud from time to time.

Also, I abandoned Line6 modelers in favor of a Vox
Tonelab because it really felt like nice stomp box
pedels in front of a tube amp and while the Line6
sounded good it didn't have that feeeeeeeeel.

of course this could be me being mesmerized by that
glowing tube in it.

--- Mark Hamburg <mark_hamburg@baymoon.com> wrote:

> What do you use for monitoring when going into the
> computer and do  
> you manage to get any sort of amp-guitar
> interaction? I know I find  
> it very different when I run my PSA-1 through
> speakers rather than  
> headphones and I don't think it's just that the
> frequency response  
> I'm hearing is different. The speakers I've got,
> however, while  
> intended for keyboard amplification aren't exactly
> hi-fi and are far  
> from ideal if I want to start doing more using the
> computer, so I'm  
> thinking it's time to get serious about monitors.
> Mark

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