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Re: best way to split your guitar signal into two EDPs?

> Here's what I have in mind:  I've gotten into a new practice of 
> creating a sort of "cloud" loop with swelling sounds of an arbitrary 
> duration, using the RC-20XL.  I'd like to be able to get that going, 
> then switch over to the EDP for an independent loop structure that 
> will float above the cloud.  So I need to address each looper 
> separately, then combine their signals later.  I have the other end 
> figured out, but how to split the signal properly is my new question.

You might look into a Boss LS-2 Line Splitter.  It can be set up for two 
seperate (line) loops each with a volume control that can be engaged or 
bypassed in pretty much any combination.  Among other possible setups!  
Very useful device and not expensive.