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Re: rc 50 no batteries or feedback

my bicycle trailer will only hold so much and the
engine is limited too,especially after a big
breakfast.just not feasible to cross vast distances
with...then there's the charging up issue...i am not
carrying my gear "and" a car battery to the top of
                thanks for the suggestion,
                       busking the america's scary    
--- johnsrude@peak.org wrote:

> > ---- daniel stevenson <stillllscary@yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> >> im taking boss customer supports word on this.but
> that
> >> huge box has no room for batteries#$%#*(%%$...
> In most cases it just means an annoying power cord. 
> If you're operating under
> special circumstances that require it to be
> self-powered, get yourself a car
> battery, an inverter and a milk crate and you're
> using the electrical system
> that buskers have been using for years.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
> www.TheNettles.com

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