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Re: about ninjam

Kris - I saw your message on the Ninjam forums - interested in hearing 
if you ever managed to get Ninjam to run on your hosted server.

Also, have you had any luck with synch issues? It seems like Ninjam 
forces a BPM on you, and of course, without that BPM being translated to 
a MIDI clock or similar it seems like your loops would eventually fall 
out of synch with Ninjam. Or maybe you're just working with very ambient 
pieces and ignoring the Ninjam clock?

I'd love to know how to synch Ninjam's BPM with my looping via MIDI clock 


Krispen Hartung wrote:
> You install the software and then you go to 
> http://www.ninjam.com/jamfarm/index.php - pick a server and plug in 
> the data into the Ninjam software you installed...then wait for the 
> people to flock to you like moths to a flame.
> Kris
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>     hi
>     im a guitar player and i heard about ninjam. Ive downloaded it but
>     i have no idea of how to use this software. Can you please help
>     me, tell me how ninjam works.
>     thanks,
>     bye
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