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Re: about ninjam

I've tried it with Rainer. It's very easy to use and only requires one 
server, which is the convenient part. But the bandwith sucks...I like to 
stream my performances at CD qualiaty. Rainer and I are working on getting 
setup with the Ninja system at a higher bandwidth, and a closed 
performance - because as everyone probably knows, anyone and their dog can 
join in on the fun...pretty soon you have a thrash metal guitarist wanking 
over subtle ambient/experimental looping, with a blues drummer shuffling 
the background, and some guy playing Malmsteen bass solos over the 
short, a big nasty cluster fuck and waste of my time. :) No disrespet to 
anyone, but I like to pick my musical partners.


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Subject: Re: about ninjam

I've heard of that on other forums...it sounds like a cool idea,
anyone ever try it?

anybody want to?


On 4/7/06, Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
> You install the software and then you go to
> http://www.ninjam.com/jamfarm/index.php - pick a server and
> plug in the data into the Ninjam software you installed...then wait for 
> the
> people to flock to you like moths to a flame.
> Kris
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> Subject: about ninjam
> hi
> im a guitar player and i heard about ninjam. Ive downloaded it but i 
> no
> idea of how to use this software. Can you please help me, tell me how 
> ninjam
> works.
> thanks,
> bye
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