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RE: BAY AREA new music scene:

Dear Mark, you wrote:

"I've given up trying to find a co-looper or do live
gigs.    I've put up and answered ads to no avail. I
had one response from a Looper on LD but they never
returned my emails. "

I've heard you say this before and it mystifies me because it seems like 
Bay Area is crawling
with loopers and I know you are a really interesting musician;  someone 
would be fun to improvise or collaborate with.

Also, I know that something like a quarter of all the Looperlative sales 
were to people in the bay
area in this last run and a large number of people in the CT-Collective 
in the Bay Area as well.

Anyway,  I have a hard time down here in Santa Cruz fending OFF people to 
jam with.    Maybe you should move
down here (said a little tongue in cheek because I realize how difficult a 
proposition that would be, economically).

I do know, though , that much much more is happening in terms of new 
electronic in Oakland than is happening in
San Francisco these days but the trouble is actually reaching all these 
talented young musicians who have
sequestered themselves in cheap warehouses in the bad section so town.

I just saw this new music concert in the most amazing small concert space 
(Scott Looney's home) and parking my rental
car on the street scared the hell out of me the neighborhood seemed so 
rough................junkies and whores everywhere,
though I must say, the kids on the street seemed genuinely friendly.

But I suppose a trip to Oakland is quite an undertaking.  I don't drive to 
San Jose to play music with people and it's about the same distance.

Good luck,   you should be playing with cool people.