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Re: My VST Effects Share (over 400)

loop.pool wrote:
> I am a confessed VST junkie.
> I have a zillion VSTs on my computer (and even lead a tribe dedicated to 
> ferriting out ever new ones
> at tribe.net called the AudioPluginJunkiesAnnonymous).

With VST's the same thing happend as with synthesizer sounds, I stopped 
even listening thru, and instead do it myself. I mus be missing a lot...

But if you have an idea what you think you want, and it doesn't exist. 
Drop me a line, I might be able to hack it into Pluggo

> I also have a whole slew of VST instruments as well, from some paid ones 
> to a hell of a lot freeware ones............wow I scored last night with 
> some ones that are not even available anymore.

What did those do? I have a collection of Max abstractions which 
resemble old Max externals which are not available anymore, I could 
start an abhaXions series with old plug-ins as well... (I'd need at 
least a picture and maybe a manual)

> come join me at AUDIO PLUGIN JUNKIES ANNOYMOUS at tribe.   e-mail me off 
> list and i'll send you a personal invite.

Yeah (I am a "weird music mailing lists" junkie who isn't able to keep 
track of all his lists anymore...)



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