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Re: startup disk question (mac)

Yes, that's the mac's way of telling you that your
startup disk is full and you need to start deleating
files if you want to get anything else on there.

Also, OS X loves to use disk space for cached files
for a kind of virtual RAM.  My advise would be to
invest in a bigger hard drive.  They're pretty cheap
these days.  Maybe even an external one would work
well for you.  I keep my mp3s on a 250 gig firewire
drive by LeCie.  I don't know if the emacs had
firewire or usb inputs though. 

--- Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> i just received 2 new cds from mighty tim nelson
> today (THNAKS TIM!), i will 
> give my thoughts later after giving them a good
> listen.....when installing 
> these cds into my i-tunes (i use an eMac) a sign
> came up "your start-up disc is 
> almost full, start deleating files".....any mac
> users out there that can tell 
> me what to do about this.....i'm at a loss as
> usual.....thnaks mucho.....m
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> http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepmeci/
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