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Re: Lighting Idea for Loopers!

i dont know why im giving this one up?there is a lot
of cool stuff at www.glowsouce.com. we all need a pair
of light up maracas.the cosmic spaghetti looks very
versitile.everything they have is cool as the dark
side of the moon.i wanted to keep this site to myself
but i share it as a gift to the list.:-}
                        still scary.
--- "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> Very cool idea but hella expensive.
> They charge $10 per LED and the vinyl suits have
> hundreds of LEDs in them 
> potentially.
> I did the math and it depressed me.
> Guess I'm gonna stick to cheesy old UV art with my
> outfits............lol.
> Rick Walker
> Stephen wrote:
> http://enlighted.com/pages/clear.shtml
>   Is anyone else here old enough to remember the
> 'electric dress'? 

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