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RE: lexicon vs electrix (was Jam-Man for sale)

Title: RE: lexicon vs electrix (was Jam-Man for sale)

>>As an owner of both, I have to say I've found it to be the exact opposite.... Damn that annoying click when it's MIDI synced though.<<

we shall be forever citing this thread as an example of YMMV..... not knowing the setups that the aforementioned devices are living in, I can only add that our jam-mans have never made any noise, hiss hum or click, that we've noticed here, & they're always midi-clocked. the repeaters, on the other hand, seem to be prone to cumulative noise almost like a pair of revoxes.... unless you are really careful with the gain structure.

the line inputs on the back are the suckiest, noise-wise. the jack on the front is relatively quiet, as is the insert-return input.

has anyone tried using it with a record deck directly into it's RIAA preamp?



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