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Re: Music is not political (Was Re: music is political)

Worked well for Penderecki when he re-titled his "Etude for Strings"
to "Threnody (for the victims of Hiroshima)".

There a plenty of examples of 'politically-charged' instrumental works
from composers as diverse as Beethoven, Messiaen, Shostakovich,
Schnittke, etc. There are also plenty of examples of instrumental
works whose 'politically-charged-ness' is in the ear of the beholder
and not in the intent of the composer.

Jon Southwood

On 4/3/06, daniel stevenson <stillllscary@yahoo.com> wrote:
> what if this non lryical song has a title?maybe "the 19th of april"
> or"butterfly tree"how¬  about "the poison bushes"?if a listener were
> familiar with the topic of an instrumental song the the music itself 
> become very politcal...a tranquil melody suddenly overpowered by a