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Re: AW: 2 Questions

--- matthew.quinn@sunlife.com wrote:

> Spending- I could spend between $200-300 on the
> monitors.> 

If memory serves, $299  is about exactly what the
M-audio powered cost my ex wife when she got them for
her keyboard.  I thought they were great for the

> When I first got the Repeater, I tried placing it in
> the amps FX loop, but
> that believe it or not is the worst sounding
> position of all the places I
> tried in the chain. I also tried placing an old
> muti-fx unit on bypass
> between the Repeater & the FX loops Return, again,
> to no avail.

Yeah, most guitar effects loops are expecting you to
put them into stomp boxes which are designed to work
with weaker singals.  That's why I bought the Johnson.
 It was one of the only amps with a line level stereo
effect loop I could find.  Good sounding amp too, IMO.

 For now I am going to rule out using the amp in any
> way & concentrate on a
> mixer/monitor set up. I mentioned in my last message
> that I have 2 mixers
> available for use, a tiny Nady & a larger Behringer-
> any suggestions on
> ways to route the Repeater signal through one of
> those mixers & too
> monitors?

Out of the effects sends and back into a pair of
inputs should work fine.  Take the main outs and go
right into your powered speakers, if you get them.

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