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Looperlatives are arriving.


Hoooh-boy... here we go!

L-D'ers rejoice... the first production run Looperlative LP1s are 
arriving.  I thought I was going to have to have a sleepless Monday 
night, but Santa in the big Brown truck showed up this morning.  Mine 
arrived at it's new home on Saturday at 11:40am Pacific time.  This 
is not an April Fool's day joke.

It's surprisingly light, quite a cutie in all-black aluminum, and I'm 
thinking about calling it "My Precious".  Compared to my (beige) EDP 
it looks positively high-tech.

I would like to publicly thank Bob for:
   1) Dreaming the dream.
   2) Putting the sweat into making it real.
   3) Sharing the results of his efforts with us.
   4) Listening to what we want.  (What a concept!)
   5) Communicating so amazingly well about the product's status. 
(Really, think about it.)

Thanks, Bob!

It's just a guess, but I think my wife is going to be irritated at 
how little I get done 'round the house this weekend.  Simply playing 
with the multiple independent stereo tracks, punching them in/out at 
will, results in spontaneous laughter.  Way too easy, way too much 
freedom... way fun.