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Re: Looperlatives are arriving.

Woo hoo hoody hooo hooooo!

I've not received mine yet, but I echo the sentiment
of Ken.  Bob's done an amazing job communicating to
his customers all through this project.

Ken, I'd love to hear your first impressions and ideas
of how to use this new looper.


--- "Ken.H" <KHL2005@topic.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> Hoooh-boy... here we go!
> L-D'ers rejoice... the first production run
> Looperlative LP1s are 
> arriving.  I thought I was going to have to have a
> sleepless Monday 
> night, but Santa in the big Brown truck showed up
> this morning.  Mine 
> arrived at it's new home on Saturday at 11:40am
> Pacific time.  This 
> is not an April Fool's day joke.
> It's surprisingly light, quite a cutie in all-black
> aluminum, and I'm 
> thinking about calling it "My Precious".  Compared
> to my (beige) EDP 
> it looks positively high-tech.
> I would like to publicly thank Bob for:
>    1) Dreaming the dream.
>    2) Putting the sweat into making it real.
>    3) Sharing the results of his efforts with us.
>    4) Listening to what we want.  (What a concept!)
>    5) Communicating so amazingly well about the
> product's status. 
> (Really, think about it.)
> Thanks, Bob!
> It's just a guess, but I think my wife is going to
> be irritated at 
> how little I get done 'round the house this weekend.
>  Simply playing 
> with the multiple independent stereo tracks,
> punching them in/out at 
> will, results in spontaneous laughter.  Way too
> easy, way too much 
> freedom... way fun.
> Ken

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