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Re: FCB 1010-Tc2290-and-Repeater

While I agree that ultimately, we all need to read the manuals, there is something to be said for instant gratification.  Especially if one has just dropped a whole lot of money on a new toy.  I don't see anything wrong with looking for help getting started with new gear as long as the intent, ultimately, is to develop a personal understanding through experimentation, manuals, and discussion.

Also keep in mind that human beings learn best through apprenticeship, not through memorizing obscure facts from a reference.  (This fact alone can blossom out into a long diatribe against modern "educational" systems and that bastard Dewey, but that's best left to another forum.)  Popping up on a forum like this and asking for help is a natural way of seeking knowledge from a "learned master" in the subject.  All too often I see posts like the one quoted below which basically boil down to Read The F-ing Manual.  This is both arrogant and unhelpful.  If you can't or won't take the time to help out and teach someone something, then don't, but don't shout them down complaining that they asked for help.

So, having said that, here's my helpful tip for Rune:
Contrary to what some people would have to you think, many of us started out by saying, "Hey, how's this stuff work?"  And going from there.  For many, manual memorization comes late in the game, if at all.  We're here to make music after all, not read manuals, right?

For a helpful community of folks surrounding the FCB1010, check out <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fcb1010>.  There you'll find lots of folks willing to help out and a ton of files bursting with information on getting started and working with specific gear.  You'll also find software editors for programming the FCB from your PC instead of with your feet which will speed things up considerably.

As a first step, I'd advise a google search on "MIDI primer" and start wrapping your head around PCs, CCs, Channels, Notes, etc.  Once you've come to grips with the terminology, getting everything to work together will be a breeze.

Hope this helps,

On 3/26/06, claude voit <c.voit@vtx.ch> wrote:

all the "Real"  and fantastic loppers/musicians that you can interact with
on this Looper-delight web site have read all their manuals from bottom to
top and back, they know every midi trick from heart, dream of vcf curves,
sysex checksum, and drop down menus every night.

so do you want to join the "A" looper VIP club ?
or be the regular looping "fan" with factory presets ?

there are no shortcuts to knowing your tools and it takes being patient,
reading manuals, trying, being patient, reading manuals, trying again etc
dont be lazy or go back to playing blues  or whatever


From: rune fagereng

Hi !

I have just bought FCB1010 midi-pedalboard, the Repeater, and a TC 2290
delay. All this gear and midi are new to me. I hope to use the FCB to
controll the Repeater and the TC.

Does anyone have somthing written to help me getting started, or do I have
to read all those big manuals  ?

I hope to use the FCB expression pedals to controll the feedback on the
repeater and the TC. I have read that this is possible on the repeater.
Is it possible to controll feedback (kind of Fripp) with expression-pedal
also on the TC 2290 ?

best regards Rune F