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Re: FCB 1010-Tc2290-and-Repeater


all the "Real"  and fantastic loppers/musicians that you can interact with 
on this Looper-delight web site have read all their manuals from bottom to 
top and back, they know every midi trick from heart, dream of vcf curves, 
sysex checksum, and drop down menus every night.

so do you want to join the "A" looper VIP club ?
or be the regular looping "fan" with factory presets ?

there are no shortcuts to knowing your tools and it takes being patient, 
reading manuals, trying, being patient, reading manuals, trying again etc 
dont be lazy or go back to playing blues  or whatever


From: rune fagereng

Hi !

I have just bought FCB1010 midi-pedalboard, the Repeater, and a TC 2290 
delay. All this gear and midi are new to me. I hope to use the FCB to 
controll the Repeater and the TC.

Does anyone have somthing written to help me getting started, or do I have 
to read all those big manuals  ?

I hope to use the FCB expression pedals to controll the feedback on the 
repeater and the TC. I have read that this is possible on the repeater.
Is it possible to controll feedback (kind of Fripp) with expression-pedal 
also on the TC 2290 ?

best regards Rune F