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Re: adding pitch shift to stereo EDP+'s

As king of the cheeseball, lo fi,  not very clean signal, pitch shifted 
I must chime in that Digitech makes a relatively cheap floor pedal called
the Vocal 300 (and I believe the Vocal 400 with USB connectivity) that goes
for around $300 that comes with an expression pedal which also allows
for simultaneous other effects to played.    It has a one octave up and 
(and a rad square wave tremelo function).

Before I had it,  I used the Red Digitech Whammy pedal that costs around 
new but doesn't have all the extra effects that the Vocal 300 has.

Both these units are noisy as hell and lo fi.

I actually destroyed both of them with constant touring and the last time 
at the NAMM show demo with the looperlative,  Steve Lawson said he really 
hearing the much improved fidelity of my performances.

A lot of this was due to the incredible fidelity of the Looperlative but 
also credit must
be given to the lack of the Vocal 300 in my effects chain.

It's too bad.....................I miss that unit (and it was purple to 
boot and a christmas present from
my wife) and I haven't found anything I can afford since then that had 
performance flexibility.
I'm just not in the economic bracket to get an Eventide, unfortunately, 
does it look like I ever
will be.

I saw a singer the other night who had two microphones on the same 
stand..........one for straight unprocessed vocals and one for processed 
vocals and I think that may be my future live strategy:
run one line of lo fi but very fun effects (and I love how radical pitch 
shifting can greatly extend the timbral range and power of simple found 
objects) and one for fidelities' sake on things that I"ll process after