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Re: artist signups? Re: MySpace for Loopers

Look in the FAQ section of the site. There is a link you can follow that is for converting your
regular page into an Artist's page.

I willl say that I tried this several months ago and it was ultimately easier for me to "migrate"
everything on my own...It is a pain either way.

Clint Allen

On 3/15/06, Andrew Duke <andrew@andrew-duke.com> wrote:
Michael Peters wrote:
I signed up, but frankly I don't get it.  Seems like it sucks 
and is mostly broken. I can't seem to figure out how to
upload music...
you probably signed up normally first (as we probably all did) ... wrong!
there is a special "artist signup" link that you have to use, only there you
can upload your music.

Hi, Michael.
Thanks for pointing this link out.
My question:
I have a myspace page; if I now go
to the artist signup link and fill out the
info and hit "sign up", does it
a) add the artist parts to my already existent
myspace page
b) keep my initial page and in addition
create a brand new artist page from scratch?
c)wipe out my initial page and create an
artist page in its place?

I don't want to hit "sign up" and have the time
I spent on my non-artist page be for nought
(ie choice "c"), thus I haven't signed up yet.
Might be paranoid about this, but don't want
to have to redo things just for the sake of being
able to include music on my already existent

Your help appreciated.

Andrew Duke
scoring/sound design/source
Cognition Audioworks label
[Andrew Duke, Foal, Clinker, Granny'Ark]