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Re: Percussive Sounds on El. Guitar

Gotta add my two cents on all this "Hit your pickup with metal" stuff. I
wouldn't do that if I were you.
    Firstly, tapping the polepieces directly with a hunk of metal is gonna
put a surge through your output like you wouldn't believe. Speakers pop,
meters dime out, preamp chips go blooey when you do this.
    Second, pickups have teensy tiny eeensie weensie wire in them, like 
hair. Whacking a pickup with a piece of metal make hair get split end, make
pickup go blooey.
    And a little metal sliver can likewise ruin a pickup quick.
dB, coyote

    (Skincage wrote: try putting a flat, fairly wide
> piece of metal right on a pickup. in my case i used a piece of hacksaw
> blade. it should stick to the magnets. now you can hit it or pull it
> up so it thwacks back down, or you can move it around for some weird
> squeaks and bassy scratch noises. )