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Re: looperlative control

Steve - Thanks for your answer.  I'm a non-midi person.  I don't use
laptops.  My selfish desire is to have a EDP style footpedal (Record,
Overdub...) with one more button to switch "Loop Tracks."  That would get 
a lot - perhaps more than I can imagine fully using right there.

And I would very humbly suggest that such a non-midi footpedal would open
the Looperlative up to a much larger marketplace of buyers.  :-)


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Subject: looperlative control

> >>>So - if I'm understanding the implications of this posting, the
> Looperlative
> requires a Midi interface / footpedal to operate its functions.  But,
> does
> that mean no functions are controllable without midi?<<<
> have a look at www.looperlative.com - the picture there shows the
> front panel, which has button control for rec/overdub, play/stop and
> then four user programmable buttons to whatever functions you want to
> have on them. I have mine set to 'stop now' (the play/stop button is
> quantised to the end of the loop), 'erase', 'all stop' and, er,
> something else I can't remember...
> you can also access all the possible operations on any one track via
> the buttons and dial (at the moment I'm doing all my feedback control
> via the buttons and dial), and same with all the global functions
> (overall volume, play all, stop all, etc.)
> But in case it's what you were asking, there are no other ways to
> connect controllers at the moment than via the MIDI port - though I
> guess it could be possible for Bob to write some kind of ethernet
> thingie into the controller features at some point so you could rig
> something up via your PC.
> cheers
> Steve
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