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looperlative control

 >>>So - if I'm understanding the implications of this posting, the  
requires a Midi interface / footpedal to operate its functions.  But,  
that mean no functions are controllable without midi?<<<

have a look at www.looperlative.com - the picture there shows the  
front panel, which has button control for rec/overdub, play/stop and  
then four user programmable buttons to whatever functions you want to  
have on them. I have mine set to 'stop now' (the play/stop button is  
quantised to the end of the loop), 'erase', 'all stop' and, er,  
something else I can't remember...

you can also access all the possible operations on any one track via  
the buttons and dial (at the moment I'm doing all my feedback control  
via the buttons and dial), and same with all the global functions  
(overall volume, play all, stop all, etc.)

But in case it's what you were asking, there are no other ways to  
connect controllers at the moment than via the MIDI port - though I  
guess it could be possible for Bob to write some kind of ethernet  
thingie into the controller features at some point so you could rig  
something up via your PC.


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