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No Subject

Andy selectively quoted Steve writing about looperlative
> with it the way it is, you can do everything that rounded
> multiply does

And Andy replied
 >>>Hey Steve, it's great of you to promote Looperlative,
which is a very interesting product.
...but I think perhaps that statement is very misleading.

Hopefully it's going to be possible to find ways of duplicating
a great many of the EDP techniques to create musical structure
using the Looperlative 8 loop architecture. However the Multiply
as you describe it is nothing like that of the EDP.<<<

OK the half of that sentence that you cut off was "except force a  
rhythm out of a glitchy loop - at the moment you can't resample  
sections of one loop. That would be a great addition." - now the bit  
I'm getting mixed up with here is rounded and unrounded - whichever  
one of those means using record to end the multiply to chop the whole  
thing to the new length - you can get that effect whilst leaving the  
ambient stuff running underneath without the glitch - which for the  
integrity of the ambient stuff, is to most people a favourable  
scenario to having to cut the initial loop to length - it's certainly  
one of the two main reasons why I used two Echoplexes for the last  
three and a half years. That particular kind of effect is now  
available to you in one box. No the looperlative does do multiply  
like the EDP - I've already said 'it can't do that' to a whole load  
of Kris' questions about ways of getting the looperlative to do  
multiply. It certainly doesn't handle the audio in anything like the  
same way as the Echoplex. As I said, at the moment it's the second  
most versatile looper I've ever tried  - the Echoplex has years and  
years of development and tweaking, and some expert input from not  
only Matthias and Kim, but yourself, Andre and others too. It's a  
remarkable instrument.

However, given that it's major limitations have always been that it's  
mono and a single track, the looperlative giving me these extra  
options is a godsend. There are definite ways of emulating the end  
result of some of the Echoplex multiply functions even without  
actually dealing with the file in the same way. What you can't do is  
change one chunk of recorded audio's length at the moment - that'll  
happen as and when Bob writes the software.


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