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Re: midimate again, cc values

Whoops, I'm wrong.  If you're in Controller mode, you can send CC
messages with the program changes.  For PC 5 + CC11=105 I think
this'll do it:

Press the Access button until "Controller" LED lights.
Press "2nd" button.  Use the Bank Adjust buttons to select PC 5
Press the "2nd" button, then press the 5 or 6 button until "Controller
Press the "6" button until "BTN5 OFF" appears.  Now you need to assign
Button 5 to CC 11.  Press the "1" button until the display reads "BTN5
Now we'll assign CC 11 the default value of 105.  Press the "6" button
until "Programmable Changes" appears.
Press the "6" button until "SET5 OFF" appears.  Press the "0" button
until the display reads "SET5 105" (you can use the "1" button, but it
takes longer to go up to 105...).
Press the "2nd" button to take you out of edit mode.


On 12/30/05, Zoe Keating <cello@zoekeating.com> wrote:
> I'm fed up with the gargantuan size of my FCB1010 and am testing new
> midi pedals to use with Monsieur RPTR.
> The Ground Control & All Access are too big in their own ways. How
> would I reach the 3rd row? And so heavy! The Rocktron MidiMate looked
> like the right size and the advertised specs looked right. (and so
> small! so darling! it fits so neatly in my suitcase!! )
> I cockily thought...."Well, I've mastered programming of the FCB1010.
> Mapping my patches over to the MidiMate will be a breeze...."
> Does anyone out there use one? I've just wasted a few hours trying to
> crack this thing.
> I simply need to send simultaneous messages. For example:
> PC 5 + CC 11 value 105
> I am fine setting the PC messages. How do I assign values to the CC
> messages??? I'm stumped!
>  From everything I read online, I assumed the pedal would do this.
> But now I'm suspecting that it does not....
> anyone ever use one?
> thanks much, z