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Re: midimate again, cc values

Okay, if you're looking for panacea in a somewhat smaller form 
factor, get a Peavey PC1600x.  Then, get *any* small foot controller 
(yes, the MC-1 will do) that sends program changes.  The PC1600x will 
transform those PC's into *anything* (even sysex, if you want).

Some laptop programs will do the same thing, but it seems a lot of 
people are wary of giving up dedicated hardware.

PC1600x is about the same size as a computer keyboard (besides, just 
set it out of the way on top of your rack).  Foot controller can be 
as small or large as you like.  Oh, and if you like, you can plug two 
expression pedals directly into the back of the PC1600x, too.


At 11:58 PM -0700 12/30/05, Kris Hartung wrote:
>This MIDI controller thing for looping units is madness. I've been waiting
>in the background for someone to find the jackpot, so I too can leave that
>big ol' Behringer home. I don't want to switch back to my EDP controller, 
>small as it is, because I loose some cool features.
>It seems that all the small and petite controllers don't send the type of
>messages we need. I just need a controller like my ADA MC-1 that will send
>notes...that's all...just a minor, harmless request. :)
>How about the RFX MP128 Midibuddy Midi controller?
>The Mesa Boogie Abbacuss?
>The Roland GFC50? (cute little thing)
>What about paying someone to make a custom pedel? What that be outragious?
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>Subject: Re: midimate again, cc values
>As I recall, the MIDI Mate won't do that.  It'll send program changes,
>or you can put it into "controller" mode, where the bottom five
>buttons send program changes, and the top five buttons can send one CC
>message.  It's really intended to control rack-style guitar set-ups,
>with the CC buttons turning individual effects (chorus, delay, etc.)
>on or off within a given preset.
>On 12/30/05, Zoe Keating <cello@zoekeating.com> wrote:
>>  I'm fed up with the gargantuan size of my FCB1010 and am testing new
>>  midi pedals to use with Monsieur RPTR.
>>  The Ground Control & All Access are too big in their own ways. How
>>  would I reach the 3rd row? And so heavy! The Rocktron MidiMate looked
>>  like the right size and the advertised specs looked right. (and so
>>  small! so darling! it fits so neatly in my suitcase!! )
>>  I cockily thought...."Well, I've mastered programming of the FCB1010.
>>  Mapping my patches over to the MidiMate will be a breeze...."
>>  Does anyone out there use one? I've just wasted a few hours trying to
>>  crack this thing.
>>  I simply need to send simultaneous messages. For example:
>>  PC 5 + CC 11 value 105
>>  I am fine setting the PC messages. How do I assign values to the CC
>>  messages??? I'm stumped!
>>   From everything I read online, I assumed the pedal would do this.
>>  But now I'm suspecting that it does not....
>>  anyone ever use one?
>>  thanks much, z