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Re: Let us loop the praises of Sunao Inami!

Hi LD,

Thank you for  your great comments, Douglas..

I thought the problem is my poor English, I am afraid of 
communication(Crossing, a misapprehension etc).
  but all schedule and planning are done very smooth and on time,I am 
very happy...
and I  enjoyed sound mastering and cover design.
The only difficulty was shipp 16 parcels to all over sea 
contributors. I shipped over  600 CDs total..

anyway, thank you again Looper's Delight and LD CD Vol.3 contributors!

the CD details is below

happy new year


At 9:36 AM -0500 05.12.29, Douglas Baldwin wrote:
>I received my package of CDs from Sunao yesterday. Stunning! On Many 
>1) Beautiful presentation. Images and quality of printing are excellent.
>2) Excellent sequencing and mastering of the audio. No jarring leaps in
>level or tone. I've only listened in snippets, but I look forward to
>slipping it in my CD player and zoning out from beginning to end very 
>3) A wonderful business/marketing experience. Everything was done on time,
>Sunao obviously did not make a penny on our costs, and I now have thirty 
>to use for promotion of my music, and the music of my fellow loopers.
>4) A renewed sense of community. The names that appear on my computer 
>are now linked with music.
>5) A kick in my own personal keester. I will now begin to book the looping
>gigs I've been threatening to do for lo these many years, partly because I
>have a(nother) product (besides my own CD and the performance itself) to
>Sunao Inami is a powerful person, and I am honored to be in his circle.
>Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large (The Coyote Loops!)
>"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic
>hallway where pimps and thieves run free and good men die like dogs. 
>also a negative side."
>--- Hunter S. Thompson
>"...and then there is Sunao and the looping community, who offer a better
>way, and live it."
>--- dB