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RE: Guitar Rig 2 looper

BTW: the guy doing the video has been mentioned by Matthias before:
There are mp3s and videos.


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Christopher Goss wrote: 

There's a good loop machine tutorial video on the native instruments 
website, it's worth a look as it gives you a rough idea what it can do. 



The cat doing the demo at the end of the loop machine tutorial has more
rhythm in his little finger than I have in my ____ (fill in)!!  The
floor-button "Rig Control 2" looks like a great size, profile (for him, it
should be nailed down, though??).

David (Will they come out with a "Keyboard Rig 2?")

On 30 Dec 2005, at 00:17, Brian Cass wrote: 

... I am now learning the guitar rig  stuff for work (native-instruments)
and will be demoing it  (including the looper) at NAMM. I have not spent
much time with it  but so far it seems cool. there is no feedback control
or  multitrack mixing ability, but you can have multiple loopers, as is  
nature of GR. I will report back when i have more to offer. 

- b