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Re: laptop based loopers/effects for live

Per Boysen wrote:
> I don't mind doing that. After all, the aim of improvised music is to  
> take risks and eventually win big. So if you you set the controls for  
> the the highest level and happen fall flat to the ground you can  always 
> start over again by telling the audience that they just were  lucky to 
> witness something very rare and unique ;-)

I'd second to take the risk, though usually its my goal to stay in the 
mood of making music. Whenever something bad happended on stage, my 
audience did not realize it something bad so far.

I use computers since almost 20 years on stage. I had maybe 3 or 4 
fails. Only one of them was obvious for the audience, after a complete 
power fail which my colleage caused by switching on a huge wind 
generator blowing into the audience (what a wonderful idea I thought).
I could boot up my computer pretty fast, but it took way too long to 
reload all the samples I was using in my old FZ-1 sampler.
All the other crashes where well hidden within improvised music.

Its well worth to take the risc... And its fun too, even if something 



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