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Re: laptop for live music

mech wrote:
> At 12:37 PM -0800 12/29/05, Gary Lehmann wrote:
>> So is IBM ThinkPad the best way to go?
>> Any other contenders? I speak of course of the Windoze platform.
> Sony Vaio has some big names pushing it (Kraftwerk supposedly did their 
> entire last tour using nothing but Vaio's).  The only personal 
> experience I can say is from my old Vaio circa. 2001.  It did just fine 
> for its time, but a lot can change over half a decade.

I can only say, I never had problems with my Powerbook, and I did hear 
enough about bad Sony Vaio's to check if Kraftwerk has a deal with Sony 
and then it would mean less than nothing if they use it. (I do like 
their design a lot though, but heard horror stories about reliability 
and bad service.)

Personaly I stick with Apple probably. Very transportable and not that 
pricey for a major brand. Together with a Quatafire 610 and a faderbox 
it easily fits into the hand luggage and has the power of several EDPs, 
Jammans or what ever. I never had problems with hum or alike.



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