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Re: feedback/features/new loopers...

 >>>So, are you saying that on the LP1, I can record, let say a loop  
on track 1
that is 30 seconds long, with no time signature, and then record a  
loop on
track 2 that is 40 seconds long and is 16 measure long, set that  
track 2 as
the reference, and track 1 will repeat within that 16 measures? In this
case, it would have to play the track 1 loop once and start again for 10
seconds before starting again.<<<

nope, not saying that at all... by resetting the master sync loop, I  
mean that the layers you add AFTER that will sync to the new master  
track. The tracks before will stay as they were, the same length as  
eachother (I've yet to do any experimenting to see if they'll drift  
from one another, but there's no reason to suggest that they should  
given that they are now fixed at the same length in the same box  
using the same processor etc. etc.

I'll try and draw what I'm saying -

loop one (ambient goo) -


loop 2 (ambient goo synced to loop 1 length doubled)


together -


loop three comes along, rhythmic loop, different length to others,  
unsynced -


loops one and two carry on doing their thing, as though in a  
completely separate unit...

loop three can now be set as the loop for any other additional loops  
to be synced to, so if loop 3 was a bassline, you can add a chordal  
part to it, or a melody or whatever, in sync, without messing with  
what loops 1 and 2 are doing.

and on the production model (the ones that'll be at NAMM), you'll  
have three separate stereo outs to route them to - master out and two  
stereo auxes, so you could post-process the ambient mush one way, the  
chords on loop four differently, and leave the bass part on loop 3  

So no, as of now, it doesn't do EDP-style multiply, but the musical  
possibilities with that little lot are so freakin huge!!!!

I'll see how much of this I'm able to demo at NAMM. :o)

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