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Re: feedback/features/new loopers...

 >>>And you mean the sub-feature of this, when you hit Record and it  
the original loop length, right? Or do you mean just using Multiply to
record, and hitting Multipy to stop the loop, but in an un-rounded  

I certainly use both types of multiply, though on the looperlative,  
I'm finding it much more organic and musical to be able to leave the  
ambient loop intact and still impose rhythmic form on top by running  
the rhythm loop in a second unsynced track... Because on the LP1 you  
can change which is the reference loop for the syncing you could even  
do three separate ambient layers of the same length, then drop a  
rhythm loop into track 4 of a different length, reassign that as the  
master loop and fill the remaining four tracks with stuff synced to  
that, all of which can then be set to decay at different rates,  
muted, paused, turned up or down volume-wise etc. etc. Mind mind is  
boggling at the possibilities just with this beta software!


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