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Re: feedback/features/new loopers...

On 30 dec 2005, at 18.37, Kris Hartung wrote:

> And you mean the sub-feature of this, when you hit Record and it  
> redefines
> the original loop length, right? Or do you mean just using Multiply to
> record, and hitting Multipy to stop the loop, but in an un-rounded  
> manner?

Usually I use the first method. Sometimes I do the second as well.

On 30 dec 2005, at 19.53, Steve Lawson wrote:
> Because on the LP1 you can change which is the reference loop for  
> the syncing you could even do three separate ambient layers of the  
> same length, then drop a rhythm loop into track 4 of a different  
> length, reassign that as the master loop and fill the remaining  
> four tracks with stuff synced to that, all of which can then be set  
> to decay at different rates,

Wow, that's cool! Similar to how I was looping back when I had a  
Repeater and an EDP Midi Clock synced. Also similar to Möbius, except  
that you have to stay with Track 1 as the tempo reference. Too bad  
there is no manual or parameter list for LP1 available, it would be  
nice to get a better hang of the thing  ;-)

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