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Re: laptop for live music

For the record, I've never had a hum using my 17 inch apple laptop...  Or
any of the previous ones either .  Which makes me ask whether there is just
something inherently more stable in the IC power boards?  Or is it the 
supply itself?  Keep in mind, I ain't no engineer here...  But I'm
interested in what makes it all hang together like it does.


On 12/29/05 6:47 PM, "Kris Hartung" <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:

> Good point, Per. My wife and I were just talking about that this morning.
> Apple will only be doing this with their notebooks, not desktops, for 
> but I'm anxious to see the results. Every year, Intel presents their
> processor design strategy to Apple with the hope that they will 
>establish a
> partnership with them...it finally came through.  And now my wife will 
> me to by an Apple notebook!  With a spouse that works for Intel, I would
> have never heard the end of it if I had bought an Apple...that would be 
> her buying a Dell personal computer. We try to support each others'
> business. :-)
> Kris
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> On 30 dec 2005, at 00.25, Kris Hartung wrote:
>> I'm waiting until the new Centrino dual core units come out.... :)
>> Very
>> soon. Mabye one will be in a Thinkpad....damn, that would be cool.
> I don't need any more computers right now but if I was shopping for a
> lappy I would hold on for a while to check out the new Intel-Apple
> machines that are just around the corner. Combining Pentium Power
> with OS X stability and efficiency - what could be better for music?
> It would be fantastic if those machines will also be able to boot XP
> as well (or some XP hack). All my favorite music software run best on
> OS X (Numerology, MetaSynth, Logic, Augustus Loop, Live) except for
> Möbius that is XP only.
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