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Re: Feedback Systems

> Hi all
> Interested in creating a feedback system through the use of a surface
> transducer. Anyone know where I can get one rated at about 50W?
> Regards,
> Jase

Hi Jase.
I built something like this a while back:


You don't need a transducer that powerful if it's going to be 
in physical contact with the guitar. I just used crappy little 8 ohm
speakers, being driven by the insides of a battery-powered practice
amp, and it worked great.

Compression, distortion, and EQ of the signal to the transducer 
are very important.

For the more recent experiments at the bottom of the page, I used
a little Marshall as the transducer driver:


Delaying the signal like in the mp3 labelled "Effect of delay time on 
feedback" is a very cool thing if you can find a way to do it. 

Hope this helps.

Mark Smart