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Re: Loop Station RC 20 XL - Jamman Digitech

On 12/28/05, Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:

> I was sent a Digi Jamman to write a review of it. After playing with
> it for an hour I had to tell the rep I'm sending it back and skipping
> over the job, "to help sales" ;-)  From time to time I have been
> playing with the original Jamman, from Lexicon, and this new "Jamman"
> is completely different. Not at all suitable for dynamic live looping
> I would say, but maybe of interest for someone who intend to learn to
> play certain musical parts over a static background?

I had an RC20XL and sold it on for similar reasons.

With no feedback control and no way of saving the loop you've built
without bending down and pressing little buttons (two issues it shares
with the Digitech JamMan) it wasn't useful to me.

The person who bought it off me loves it, however, so these things
suit some people.