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Re: Zoom from my house to 38 miles above the earth

Google Earth rocks.  I've spent many an afternoon zipping around the
earth exploring.  Some interesting views:

- The Grand Canyon, but use the middle mouse button to lay the camera
down and you'll find that instead of just flat-earth satellite
imagery, they've draped the satellite photos over 3-D terrain.  You
can fly the Grand Canyon as though you were in a helicopter. :)
- The Forbidden City in Beijing.  Having a full satellite view of this
ancient bastion of hidden power means a lot to me symbolically.
- The Himalayas.  Again cool 3-D terrain.  I was looking for some
large Buddhist monasteries, but never found 'em.  I did find the Taj
Mahal, but the resolution's poor and it's little more than a white

Anyway, this is all blather for another list.  Fun program.

On 12/28/05, daniel stevenson <stillllscary@yahoo.com> wrote:
> hehe cool,
>      kinda creepy & cosmic,what are those plants back by the 
> good heads up on the google earth site.
> thats guitar generated?pretty far out...
> rock on,
>               dan-knee
> Kris Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
> This doesn't have a lot to do with looping, except that I integrated 
>part of
> my Y2K5 performance with this video, and it could make some of us loopers
> feel more connected and informed on our whereabouts, but I discovered 
> Earth and I think it is absolutely mind blowing.
> Check this out:
> http://box.net/public/khartung/files/1826462.html
> It is a video (with loop music over it) that I created using Google 
> It starts at about 100 feet above my house in Boise, Idaho, USA, and 
> out to about 38 miles outside the planet Earth, using sattelite imagery. 
> I
> could have zoomed in instead of out, but I had a more difficult time
> controlling the speed, and it was jumping between altitudes (probably
> because it was merging separate satteline feeds). But you'll at least 
>get a
> feel of where I am on the planet Earth, down to the top of my roof,
> driveway, yard, and everything.   The exact location of the center and 
> of my roof is 43 Degrees 37' 52.80" N by 116 Degrees 13' 03.98" W, OR 43
> 37.528' N, 116 13.03' W if you were to copy this location into the Google
> Earth search box.
> More info on Google Earth...
> http://earth.google.com/
> Kris
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