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Ramble PDF and MP3 now up. Plus, Looped Text

Hi All,

I've just put up a PDF and MP3 of Ramble in the Bramble, at
http://www.warrensirota.com/Solostuff/. Now *everyone* should be able to
listen and view, if they wish. 

BTW, I found that Lilypond was not capable of interpreting either the ETF 
the MusicXML generated by Finale for this piece (not necessarily Lilypond's
fault!), and also that my version of Finale (2003) does not have a TIFF
export function. I produced the PDF by printing from Finale to a PDF print
driver (always reliable).

Also, I put up a link there to a Looped Text piece that I wrote some years
ago. I think it's one of the cooler things that I've ever done, and I'm 
you guys will dig the concept. 

Happy listening and playing,
Warren Sirota