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RE: What's wrong with loops

Interesting subject!
Coincidentally, I just received the book "The Art of Digital Music" from my
local library (I had lured them into buying it, as I do with many books,

I've only started reading it and while the interview section of the book
(the first half) isn't too deep, there are some interesting quotes, my
favourite so far: "Some of the best music comes from pushing instruments 
equipment to their limits - and in the process discovering something about

And in the second half in the Section "Support Our Loops" (page 123),
there's even a photo of the EDP, caption reading: "The Gibson Echoplex
Digital Pro Plus is one of the premier live looping tools. Realtime 
let you layer and reverse loops, sync to MIDI tempo, and even replace
sections of individual loops as they play."

More details about the book: http://www.artofdigitalmusic.com/


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