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RE: What's wrong with loops

At 2:26 PM -0500 12/23/05, Warren Sirota wrote:
>David!!! Dude!!! You been lurkin' here all along?

I joined a couple of months ago, but haven't had too much to say yet.

>Fun piece. I like it.


>Drop me a line if you're coming to the NY area - I'd love to see you 

You bet!

>Listfolk: David (Mr. Grateful Dead Hour, if you don't know)

Please don't jump to conclusions about my music based on that association!

>and I used to play occasionally in the WELL's house band, Wetware - 
>more-or-less 20 years ago.

Ah, so long ago.

I have been touring for ten years or so, and about four years ago I 
started using the Loop Station to enhance my solo show.  At first I 
was using it to record the changes so I could play guitar solos, but 
of course I started to see the possibilities almost immediately so 
now looping is a major part of my solo performance.


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