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Re: What's wrong with loops

loopin with prerecorded libraries of loops smells of fish.might as well be a rapper...
i cant stomach stuff like that.
maybe if it was a puzzel where ya unlock a code in a video game it would be fun.
if its not created real time ...i have little intrest these days
blockheadedly yours,

Travis Hartnett <travishartnett@gmail.com> wrote:
I think he was talking about compositions made of loops generated by
other people. The sort of Lego-brick process you can get with a
GarageBand type program which comes with a large library of loops,
including pitched instruments playing chord vamps and such. If you
don't have a way to generate completely new audio information (i.e. a
traditional type instrument), then you're limited to collage-type work
of varying complexity. Which isn't to say that approach is invalid,
just that it makes harmonic exploration more difficult.


On 12/23/05, daniel stevenson wrote:
> hard to explore harmony while playing loops?
> for such a huge noggin,battino's sure seems empty
> i mean what are ya doing but exploring harmony?

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