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Just got my first looper

I just recieved my first looper, an EDP fresh from Gibson and I am wondering what I should about footcontrollers. I hear so much woe about the EDP's footcontroller but when it comes to midi programming, I am completely clueless. What would you guys use for an EDP foot controller, and what it's affordable for me to buy?
I also wanted some feedback on my setup.. perhaps I can get some more ideas from your feedback. My main looping focus is soundscapes/ambiance.. and here's my current setup:
In order (From signal origin to amp)
Guitar (PRS Custom 24)
Synthisizer 1 (Korg MS2000b) (Guitar hooked into it so I can synthisize my signal.. just to see if I can make any cool sounds with it.)
Various wah pedals and volume pedals (1977 Morley Power Wah Fuzz, Morley Bad Horsie II, and Dunlop volume(which needed some tweaking to work correctly))
Echoplex/All rackmount devices
"Standard" guitar effects..such as a traditional delay and flanger. Added Boss 7-band EQ.
Amp (Marshall JCM2000 DSL 100)
Keep in mind that this is not just for looping, it's for my normal playing as well. Seems like a pain in the ass to take out all of my essentials for normal play every time I loop just to save some signal strength.
Anyways..the idea is that I can use a guitar AND a synthisizer on the same signal to create more diverse soundscapes.. create darker and lighter hues.. and even simulate percussion with some special effects on the Korg. Tell me what you guys think.
Also on my "To buy" list is a Roland Gr-33(Not sure if that's the exact product number) guitar synthisizer. You know.. that's the one which simulates violins, chellos, pianos.. verious woodwind and brass instruments.. and even has some cool ambiant effects (A little tacky sounding, if you ask me, but judge that for yourself by going to musiciansfriend.com and listening to the samples..keep in mind you need realplayer to hear them)