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Re: the perfect [sic] controller

>> Now, as Brian wrote, if the midi gurus on this list (I don't  
>> belong to them)
>> could try to develop and agree on a specification ...

On Dec 17, 2005, at 11:17, a k butler wrote:

> Is that project still viable when we all say it has to be  
> programmable by the user?

I don't necessarily say so. If not making it programmable can keep  
costs down I would go with that. But that's only because I know that  
most of my looping tools are software based and will let me assign  
needed function to whatever controller data sent out by the physical  
controller. Speaking about design, I think twelve buttons and one  
pedal is optimal. Since portability is important, buttons have to be  
crammed into  a small area but yet not blocking the way for other  
buttons. One idea might be to look at the piano with a first row of  
lower (white) buttons and a second row of higher (black") buttons.  
For example, the design mistake with the Behringer FCB1010 is that  
both rows of buttons are designed of the same height.

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