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Re: ableton live and edp

On Dec 17, 2005, at 18:47, enat21213@aol.com wrote:

> is there a way to make live's tap tempo default(follow) to whatever  
> i write in as the tempo in the warp box? or save tempo settings for  
> individual clips? so when i sync to my edp the edp follows the  
> tempo pre set up in live. basically i want to set up live so with  
> one press of a button i can start a clip and the edp will follow in  
> sync.

You can use any MIDI clip to set the Tap Tempo. Just set the output  
(from that clip) to some internal MIDI pipe (IAC Bus if you run OS X  
- if you run Windows XP you have to download and install MIDI Yoke  
first). Then you go to Lives MIDI/sync preferences and set the  
internal pipe as "Input: Remote" (and maybe also as "Output: Track" -  
I don't remember, you can try to see). Us Live's normal MIDI learn  
procedure to assign the midi data sent out from the "tempo" clip to  
the Tap Tempo function.

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