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Vortex, digital connections, Trower flange

At 17:36 15/12/05, you wrote:
>"Also be aware that you're missing out on the undelayed analog dry signal
>by using the digi conectors."
>It's VERY possible that I misunderstood you and am totally missing the
>point ;-)
>All Confused,

Sorry Tim, I should explain better.
You still get the dry part of the sound, but it has to pass through the 
domain, which will introduce some delay.
Obviously the spdif  path you have there is good for the wet part of 
your sound,
as your missing out on converting to analog and back again.
Meanwhile, the dry part gets converted to digital and back,
which will add a small delay.
If the VF-1 and MPX-500 have capability to pass the dry signal part of your
sound through themselves without converting to digital and back again
then that may actually sound better, particularly if you want to bypass 
the fx.

a) you're not getting a delay(=latency) on the dry signal
b) it sounds good as it is
then really it's worth ignoring all this techy nitpicking :-)

>P.S.--Can the Vortex be persuaded to generate an MXR-style classic-rock
>non-swoosh flange a la Killing Joke's "A Love Like Blood" or Trower's "Day
>of the Eagle"? Or Frank Marino circa 1977? I cannot get anything close to
>this sound on my VF-1 or my MPX-500, lovely as they are.

I don't know those tracks, but to get rid of the swoosh turn down the 
Resonance controls.
The Vortex modulators don't all sound the same, so it might be worth 
trying to
start from a couple of different presets to see how close each gets 
toi the sound you want.